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The 10 things that you can store in your Fireproof Residential Safe

One of the first items that should be there in your fireproof residential safeguard safes is cash. You need to keep in mind that cash still happens to be the king of all it surveys – and it always pays to have some in case of emergencies. In this respect, it is as important as jewellery. It is true that if you kept it in a bank, you would get interested but still having some emergency cash on hand always pays. After all, the ATM may not always work.

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Legal documents

If you have key documents such as powers of attorney and living wills you would want to keep them so safe that they stay protected even in case of fire and the best option that you have in this case is the fireproof safes that we are talking about over here.

Health care proxies

You should always store your health care proxies in fireproof residential safeguard safes. The same goes for contact information that you have as well. You never know if you would otherwise be able to access them in case there is an emergency.

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Pharmaceutical contact details

This would include a list of your family doctors as well as medicines that have been prescribed to you for daily usage.


The kind of fireproof residential safeguard safes that we are talking about over here is also great when it comes to keeping wills safe. This is especially applicable in cases where you are acting as the executor of a will. It is better than keeping them in boxes in banks.

Various important documents

You may have a number of important documents that need to be properly taken care of. In that case, the best option that you have is the fireproof safes. This could include the likes of social security documents, passports, and original birth certificates. This way, you can retrieve them as and when you may need them.


Retirement-related documents

The fireproof residential safes are also great places for keeping documents that are important concerning your retirement. In fact, you can also keep papers of your bank accounts, creditor information, and existing debts in these safes.

Titles of your cars

You may also consider having the title papers of the vehicles that you own as well as additional keys in these safes so that you can access them easily in case there is an emergency of some sort.

Insurance papers

These fireproof residential safeguard safes are also great options for keeping insurance papers safe. This is especially true of the insurance papers of your property as well as the contact information of your agents. With these papers by your side, you would be able to file a claim as and when you want.

Family photos

If you have stored family photos in magnetic hard drives and CDs, you need to keep them safe since they cannot be replaced. They are so much more than being merely valuable. Keeping them in these safes would surely keep your data protected.



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